South Carolina Education Lottery Guide

South Carolina Education Lottery

The last twenty years can be remarked by the growing popularity of state-oriented lotteries. The mission of Southern Carolina Education Lottery is to raise funding for educational purposes with the help of entertainment and fun games introduced for the adults.

The business itself has opened in 2002, and is included into the Multi-State Lottery Association. Southern Carolina Education Lottery was a successful and profitable from the very beginning, and now it is a world-class developed organization that is known for achieving records and winning recognition from both business and industry groups.

The fiscal year 2010-2011 was featured by the following events:

Sales exceeded the level of $1.04 billion, and it’s the third time Southern Carolina Education Lottery manages to overcome one billion dollar barrier.

More than 271.1 million dollars were transferred to the benefit of education programs contributing a total of more than $2.5 billion to the Education Lottery Account.

Southern Carolina Education Lottery administration managed to decrease the administrative costs down to 3.5%, while the allowed norm is 8%. The saved costs are used as additional support funding for education.

In spite of the upcoming challenges that might follow in 2012, the lottery preserves its priority which is earning money to contribute to education development and introducing the company’s products staying socially responsible. There is always space for innovations while the familiar lottery operations will be maintained at the same high level of service.

There are certain particulars you need to understand starting your lottery game. Your tickets can only be bought with cash and from a licensed lottery seller. You have to be at least 18 years old to purchase tickets. Those individuals who want to participate in the lottery game and live outside South Carolina still have to buy the tickets in South Carolina. There is no extra sales taxation on the ticket, however, you will be charged with a state and federal tax on the lottery winning.

As for the games, Pick 3 is played once a week and will cost you one dollar. The game is not complicated – you will have to choose a 3-digit number and the betting method. There are four betting methods available and you get paid if the numbers you chose match the winning ones.

The first time you bet you get the chance to win $500 for a one dollar bet. Straight is required to do this meaning that all the numbers should perfectly match the winning range order. The box setting variant demands that the player should get all numbers right independently of the order. Those two methods can be combined too uniting their conditions concerning the number order. Combo ticket lets you win in case you have 2 first or last digits matched.

Palmetto Cash 5 found its origins in South Carolina and is quite unparalleled in its structure. The maximum prize possible to win is $100.000, and again, there are 4 methods of doing it. You are free to sort out 5 numbers starting from 1 to 38, and each number set costs $1. If you guess all the numbers, you will get awarded with $100.000. Meanwhile, if you are lucky to guess 2 numbers, you will get your $1 back. This game also offers an extra option that is called Power-Up. You will have extra to try it out but your prize money may be multiplied by two, three, four or even five times! The Power-Up number is calculated separately.

The total number of Power-Up balls is 16 – eight of them are signed with the number of 2, five are marked with 3, two of them – with number 4, and 1 with number 5.