South Carolina Education Lottery Guide

South Carolina Education Lottery Numbers

Why do people play lotteries? The answer is evident. Who would mind getting a free lunch? Buying a lottery ticket for a small amount of money gives you an opportunity of winning much more. It is the best way to try your luck: whether you’ll get an astronomical sum of 363 mln $ like the two Americans did in 2000 or just be grateful for small favours of 1$ or nothing.

The South Carolina Education Lottery taking place regularly in the USA was founded in 2002 and is now considered to be one of the world’s biggest lotteries. Since the date of its foundation South Carolina Education Lottery numbers have enriched many people throughout the world. Consisting of a limited number of lottery games the Lottery is predominantly known for the final ball called the Powerball. The SCEL comprises a variety of games: Pick 3, Palmetto Cash 5, MegaMatch 6 and different Scratch Cards games.

Pick 3 attracts “gold prospectors” to the screen twice per day all the week. The game is easy to play and get-at-able, because the ticket price is 1$. A 3-digit number and the method of betting are chosen and the player is paid accordingly if he matches the numbers correctly. Betting options differ depending on the number of digits and their order. For instance, Straight betting option requires that all digits be matched in a straight order. The Box betting option deals with digits regardless of order. You can win a so-called Combo ticket if the first or last two digits are matched correctly.

South Carolina is the only state to play Palmetto Cash 5. As for its rules, there are 4 different ways of winning the maximum prize of 100,000$. The player chooses 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 38, the cost for each set of 5 numbers is 1$ as well. You can gain the maximum prize if you guess all numbers while guessing 2 numbers will yield 1$. In addition to that, there exists an extra option Power-Up which enables the player to multiply his money from 2 up to 5 times. This option is not free of charge. It should be noted, that the Power-Up number is not selected by the player but drawn separately. Out of 16 Power-Up balls 8 balls are marked with the number 2, 5 are denoted with the number 3, 2 are marked with the number 4 and 1 has the number 5 on it. Being selected after the 5 main numbers the Power-Up number means the multiplication number for any amount of gained money.

Scratch Cards are an integral part of the SCEL. The games vary in prizes. A ticket price ranges from 1$ to 30$. Jackpots are what these games offer to players. The most famous scratch card is called 20 Year Bonus. If you want to participate in this game, you should first pay 20$ for the 20 Year scratch card. This will afford you an opportunity of trying to win jackpot of 1 million dollars which is paid over a 20 years period or, if the player wishes, a single sum of 600,000$. The principal rule of the game is matching 3 scratched numbers to the 3 winning numbers. Scratching 2 numbers and matching them awards the player a prize.

So, we’ve just considered how South Carolina Education Lottery numbers serve to make people richer without requiring great efforts. Besides, the lottery pursues good intentions. A large part of its revenue is transferred to the state’s education fund to help children and those who seek higher education. So, by playing the SCEL you can benefit financially and support children. As a conclusion, some food for thought. The Powerball drawing held on 2/18/06 for $365 million was the largest Powerball jackpot ever won. So, it’s all up to you.