South Carolina Education Lottery Guide

South Carolina Education Lottery Winning Numbers

Many people dream of coming into a fortune with no effort. Those who do not really have confidence in themselves or cannot hope for a bequest from rich relatives, are often ready to rely on good luck and, say, raffle. Lotteries enjoy especially wide popularity in USA. It is no coincidence that all the largest lottery winnings were received right in the United States. It is worth mentioning that winners actually do not get the whole winning sum. First of all they should decide whether they want to receive the money they won in relatively small annual payments or they prefer to take the cash. In the latter situation the winning sum gets reduced considerably. Besides, a winner has to pay a 25-percent-federal tax for the winnings. Nevertheless, things are not so bad. Let us take a look at several winning stories of lucky people who took part in South Carolina Education Lottery and study the South Carolina Education Lottery winning numbers!

Chris Dawkins, 39 years old, won $875,000 in the Mega Match 6 game of South Carolina Education Lottery. According to Mr. Dawkins, his winning lottery bulletin spent much time traveling with his owner in the car glove compartment.

“I found out that I had won by accident – only several days after the lottery drawing when I stopped by a supermarket and took the opportunity to give the bulletin to the cashier to have it checked,” said Chris at the prize presentation ceremony.

The winner is going to share the prize with his family and give a particular sum to charity.

Mr. Dawkins’ South Carolina Education Lottery winning numbers were 1, 4, 14, 30, 33, and 34. As a lottery representative asserted, Chris’ bulletin had cost $5 and the winning probability had been 1 to 2,324,784.

According to the Mega Match 6 game rules, winners are the bulletins which have from 4 to 6 coinciding numbers in one of the 3 lines or 5 or more numbers in several lines. This means that a player can win up to 4 times with one and the same lottery bulletin! Drawings are held on Tuesdays and Fridays in the evening. The minimal jackpot sum of the Mega Match 6 game is $550,000. This sum is increased by $25,000 after each drawing held till somebody wins it. Winners have 180 days at their disposal for hesitation or reflection before they decide to call for the prize.

Another lucky lottery player guessed five winning numbers and the Mega Ball number and won the jackpot which totaled $54 million or $36.7 million in case of a lump-sum cash payment. Both the sums do not include the federal tax. The following numbers turned out to be winning: 3, 4, 14, 18, and 27. 13 was the Mega Ball number. The win increase option called Megaplier equaled 3. The winning sums of the players who had not stinted an extra dollar to obtain the Megaplier option grew three times larger. 17 more players who guessed all 5 numbers also received substantial money prizes.

There was one more South Carolina Education Lottery player who guessed all 5 winning numbers and the Powerball number and hit the 112-million-dollar jackpot. The lump-sum cash payment would have been $61.3 million exclusive of the federal tax. The combination of numbers 1, 18, 37, 39, and 44 was the lucky South Carolina Education Lottery winning numbers. The Powerball number was 13. The Power Play option costs 1 dollar – just like one lottery bulletin. This option makes the winning sum grow 5 times bigger. However, in case a player guesses the first five numbers, their prize rises up to $1 million regardless of whether they use the Power Play option or not.